We're Back!

When Trump was elected president people would call him a Trumptator (as a play on the words Trump and dictator).

I, as a business owner who owned a Baked Potato Restaurant hated to see Trump and potatoes brought down to such a level, so I created the 'Trump-Tater' (Trump as a Tater).

The Trump-Tater went to events, rallies, and even had interviews with political leaders like Congressman Burgess Owens and Representative Blake Moore, and created a BBQ sauce and rub that were used in my restaurant.

After the January 6 incident, The Trump-Tater went quiet. The world was changing and it was time to take a step back, prioritize, and refocus.

Now, as the election of 2024 is beginning, it is time to bring Trump-Tater out of hiding and bring him back into view of the people. We are officially re-launching the Trump-Tater with new Trump-Tater swag and revamped BBQ Sauce and Rub. 

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