About Us

We're passionate about our Bridge Builders program and letting Trump supporters know they can speak their minds.

As the former owner of Brixton's Baked Potato - located in the heart of Ogden, Utah, I found myself face to face with the same challenges and hardships that every dreamer faces -- but I held onto my desire to create something unique, and with the help of family, friends and incredible customers Brixton’s grew.

My inspiration for the Trump-Tater came during the 2016 elections. I heard people make comments that Trump looked like a potato and after the election people who did not like Trump referred to him as a “Trumptator” - like a dictator.

As the owner of a potato shop - I realized that the Trump detractors got it all wrong. Potatoes are an incredible food. The humble potato saved an entire country from starvation and they are incredibly healthy for you. An 11 ounce potato has as much vitamin C as an orange, as much potassium as a banana and is loaded with vitamin B's. When I heard Trump's distractors referring to him as a Trumptator, I thought to myself I can do something with this. I then went to the dictionary and looked up the word “trump” and "tater":

Trump means:

1. To outclass, outshine or outperform others

2. To defeat someone or something

3. A dependable or exemplary person

Tater :

1. A potato , a home-run, the suffix "tater" is used for a person that has the attributes of the base word.

So a “Trump-tater” is a person who outclasses, outshines, outperforms or defeats others – in other words a Trump-Tater is A WINNER!

The Trump-Tater was born. A simple fun loving character that you could love even if you do not love Trump that represents every person who refuses to give up. Carries on the fight with a smile and humor and outclasses, outshines and outperforms others.